There was a moment in the mid-to-late 1990’s, after the death of Grunge and before the return of pop rock, when rock and roll became something nü.

I’m Andrew Cahak and this is...

I’m a Minneapolis-based writer, comedian and artist but I grew up in the 90’s in suburban Iowa, home of Slipknot and many, many sullen teenagers.

I have a complicated relationship with this music.  I love some of it. I hate some of it.  Some of this stuff I’ve never heard before.  I think this will be a great platform to celebrate the good parts of nu metal, honestly discuss the bad parts and maybe redeem a much-maligned genre of music that a lot of people loved (but no guarantees).

If you love nü metal, this show is for you. If you hate nü metal, this show is for you. If you’re just curious what it’s all about, this show is for you.  I want this show to be a communal experience.  I want you to be involved in building this into something worthwhile.  If you want to make sure your favorite OR least favorite album ends up on the list for future episodes, say something now.  If you are Fred Durst, email me.


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